North Conway Railroad Station

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Built in 1874, the North Conway Railroad Station served as the northern terminus for the Conway Branch of the Boston & Maine Railroad. The station was designed by renowned architect Nathanial J. Bradlee whose most famous work is the Danvers State Hospital Kirkbride building.

The station received special treatment in its design and craftmanship because the town of North Conway was a prestigious summer resort. The first floor contained separate waiting rooms for men and women, a ticket counter, and restrooms. Offices were housed in the two second story towers.

By the middle of the 20th century, the use of passenger rail declined sharply, and passenger service to Boston ended in 1961. The building was abandoned for several years until The Conway Scenic Railroad reopened the station in 1974 for seasonal train excursions within the Mount Washington Valley. The railroad station became a National Historic Landmark in 1979. The building now houses a gift shop and ticket booth for the scenic train rides.

38 Norcross Circle
North Conway, NH 03860


Ken Perkins Jan 18, 2009
I have a print of a painting by Robert Franke of the railroad station. Would you have any info as to date of painting. I also have three other prints of the four seasons by Franke. the station seems to be the summer scene with what I think is a tram service to a hotel out front. Thank you
Gabriele Condon Sep 28, 2009
same as ken perkins. i own a print of a painting by robert franke. depicted is the railroad station in north conway, nh. i would really appreciate everyone's input. i know nothing about the artist, or when he may have painted it.thanks
Micki Mar 28, 2010
I am looking for info on how to contact the store within the train station. I am looking for a stuffed animal dressed in a train engineer's clothing. It is a stuffed dog.In the past, I have bought one for my grandson, his son and now want to purchase one for his second son {my second great-grandson}. Any contact info ie: phone # or email address for the store would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Ethan Jun 15, 2010
Contact info for the station can be found at
elizabeth Mar 15, 2011

I am the artist Robert Franke's niece, Elizabeth. I would be happy to share information about my uncle (who is deceased). He painted many of the paintings (turned into prints) while at my childhood home in CT.

Ed Bradbury Aug 01, 2011
I am looking for architectural drawings of the station. Since N Bradley designed the station for the B&M there should be such drawings.

lisa petrin Sep 28, 2011
my client, paul dorais is 88 years old. he made a beautiful replica model of the north conway station which is presently on display at atria in kennebunk, maine. this is defintely something to talk about. he would probably donate it to the historical society for the station. i think you should interview him about the beautiful work he created. if interested please contact me. asap 207-985-6432.
Art Hendrick Oct 12, 2012
I have two bench ends that I was told were from the waiting area at the NC rail station. I seek interior photos showing the benches or anyone who recalls what they look like, to verify their history. Email me for photos. Thanks, Art, Falmouth, Maine.
Ric Keller Jul 23, 2013
Looking for information.
I found/purchased a heavy rectangular aluminum dish that has the North Conway station image in the middle with "North Conway, NH" above and "Railroad-1871-Station" below the image.
Stamped on back "--TON-COLUMBIA, PA U S A"
"RWP" in circle is also stamped on back in 3 places.
Dish is 6 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 1 1/2" deep at each end.
Wendy Aug 19, 2013
I also have a set of 4 numbered prints by Robert Franke of the Seasons. I am unable to find much information about these. If Elizabeth could contact me at that would be great.
Dianna Chase Mar 25, 2014
Do you carry children's train engineering hats? How small do they come?

Thanks you in advance for your assistance.